Update a new build (version) and sent to apple review

From time to time, your IOS app needs to be updated at Apple console for various reasons for patches, security, Apple’s requirements, or even for icon replacement.

Updating the app process at Apple is not complicated, but needs to pay attention to the questions that Apple is asking about the app and make sure all details are complete.

Enter your Apple account :


Go to my apps and select the app that you want to update.

At the left, you will have an option to create a new version, press on the + sign

enter the version that you want to update and scroll down to the Build section and click the  + sign

now select the latest build (sometimes its takes some time for Apple to process the build so if you don’t see the new build please wait until Apple will send you an email that the process is finished.)

IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A BUILD, you need to remove the old build by pressing the – sign near the build

In the end, please check that all your details are filled and correct and press the Submit for Review button.
Please note that if your Button is grey then you need to check all the fields and see what missing.

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