Do you have a website built with Elementor? Turn it into Android and iPhone app in 5 minutes

Have you started a site with an elementor? You can turn it into Android and iPhone apps that your customers can download from the app stores.

Imagine that you have direct access to your customers,
Imagine that you can immediately update them on offers and benefits and make them purchase,
imagine that every time they open their mobile phone they will see you on the home page and finally imagine that you can turn all app holders into a customer club that improves your business profitability …

Main benefits:

– You can send push notifications directly to your customers’ mobile devices for free and instantly. It is important to note that the percentage of open messages is over 90%
– Permanent appearance of your logo on your customers’ phone
– More visibility through the app stores
– Establishing a customer club

You can

1. Install the plugin from the WordPress plugin directory

2. Open a free account at

3. Configure Push messages with FIREBASE

4. Request a manual Android APK file

5. Connect the plugin using the API

Now, you have an app with your site and the ability to send push notifications to your customers.
All that’s left is to adjust the display because not all of the elements that appear on your site should appear in the app.

For that,
1. Go to the page you want to modify and edit it with Elementor
2. Select the element you want to remove in your iPhone and Android app
3. Go to Advanced> web2app and remove the element from the apps

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