How to test IOS application with apple test flight

Congratulations you have an iOS Apple application and now you can test it.

Apple builds us testing system called Test Flight and from there you can invite users to test your new app before submitting it to the app store.

Please note that in order to test the iOS application you must have Apple Developer Account approved by apple.
if you don’t have an enrolled apple developer account, please read this article and enroll for an account: how to open an Apple developer account

  1. Enter your application in your apple iTunes connect console and go to Test Flight

2. if you see a yellow warning, click on it

3. click – no

4. click start internal testing

5. add testers  by select app store users or external testers

6. select or add your tester

7. your tester has added and an invitation has been sent

8. the tester will get an email with an invitation code and a link to download Test Flight from the app store

9. open the app, click redeem and enter the invitation code

10. Run the app 🙂

After you test the app please go to the app details and fill in all the details that apple request and send to apple review.

If you have any more question please contact apple support

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