How to test your app with APK file

How to test your application with an APK file

Before we submit the app to google play and apple store, it is recommended to test the application on a real Android device.

In order to install your application manually on an android phone, you need a file called APK.
After you request us the APK file, we will build your application and send you an email with a link. (please check that our emails don’t go to your spam folder, it is, please unmark our email from the spam folder)

After installing your application on your android device, you need to check that the push notifications are working, your tab bar menu, and all the other settings are correct.

Most of the features except the application icon can be changed through the system, including the splash screen of the app, all settings will update automatically when you close and open the app.

To get the APK file please follow these steps:

  1. Enter your app dashboard and go to “Edit Application Details”, and check your icon and splash screen. (the screen that loads when you start the app).
    Please note, that there is no need to make the icon round or with corners.
    The system creates icons for all android versions.
  2. If the icon doesn’t look good or not in the right size you can upload the file and crop them.
  3. Check that you set up the push notification, if you didn’t follow the instructions and didn’t set it up correctly, the push notification will not work. (If you are a premium member, please contact the premium support and they will set the push notification for you)
  4. Go to “Android APK Request”, answer the questions and submit.
  5. After you submit,  it will take us up to 72 hours to generate and send you a link to your APK file from us. (Premium members gets the link A.S.A.P)
  6. When you get the link by email, download it to your phone and run it. Most of the phones will prompt security alerts. it’s ok, that alert is if it manually installs and not from the google play store.
  7. Enjoy your new app, and when it’s ok you are ready to ask to upload your app to the google play store and apple store.

IMPORTANT:  According to Google and Apple guidelines, you must have a developer account in google and apple in order to publish the application on the store.

We will help you open the accounts and will upload your applications to your developer’s account.

Then, you will need to fill in all the application details in your account and send them to review.
All instructions and information are inside our system.


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