Enable Push Notifications with google firebase

  1. Enter https://console.firebase.google.com and open an account (with your Gmail account)
  2. Click “Add project”
  3. Enter the project and click “Add app” and select “Android app”
  4. Here you will be asked for your android package name. Go to your app dashboard and select “App Setting”

copy this string and paste it to the firebase android package field

  1. Click continue.
  2. Now you will get an option to download the config file. Download the file to the computer. 
    Click “continue” for finishing the process. if you can continue, please click skip.
  3. Go back to your App Setting and upload the file to “google services configuration file”
  4. Back to the firebase console. Click on your new android application
  5. Go to “Cloud Messaging” and copy the string “server key”
    Sometimes there is no legacy, you can copy and use the Server Key
  6. Enter the string that you copied to the Firebase server key in your App Setting

Please note,

 if you will upgrade to a premium membership we will do this process for you.
you just need to share access with us and contact the premium support team via WhatsApp.

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