How to Open a Developer Account in Apple

Before starting, according to Apple’s requirements, the developer account holder must own Apple’s device for security authentication.

If you do not have a physical device. (iPhone / Ipad / Imac),

You will need to contact Apple support and ask them for help and account approval.


1: Go to URL :

  1. Press Enroll
  2. Enter your Apple ID and password
  3. If you receive this message then you need to activate the two-step security method of Apple as explained on their support page
    If you do not have an Apple device, you can contact Apple and ask them for help in confirming your account.

  4. After this step, you will move to the payment stage and enter a credit card number and finish the account registration.


The Apple account does not automatically approve and you have to wait a few days for the account to be confirmed by Apple.

If you do not receive confirmation after a few days it is recommended to contact Apple Support

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