turn you website into app and make your client happy with those features

Applications Features

Full Disclosure – Some of the features are for premium members only and can be control from our WordPress plugin on throw our system.
All changes that you are doing will automatically update in your android and iOS apps. Website convert to mobile.

Apple IOS Native Application

Convert your website to a beautiful iphone IOS application within minutes. NO NEED FOR Xcode - We upload the app to your developer account

Android Native Application

Convert your website to a beautiful ANDROID application within minutes.


Smart Push Notifications

Send smart push notifications with images and links to engage your customers

ios-rich push notifications

Action Links Inside Push Notifications

Add action links to your push notifications like whatsapp, call now and etc

android rich push notification

Big Images Push Notifications

Add big images that will catch your clients eyes and react to your messages

Push Notifications Sound

Select special sound for your app notifications

Deep Liking

Direct your users directly to the correct page in your app when they press on your push notifications

Web Push Notifications

Send your push notifications to browsers like chrome, firefox, safari and more... With web push notifications your clients will never miss updates from you

WordPress Plugin

Do you have a WordPress site? Excellent! You can send customer coupons from the management interface of your site, direct the post to a particular page or product, attach a special picture and many other interesting options that will help you keep in touch with your customers

Uptate Splash Screen Automaticlly

Update your applications splash screen instantly from the app dashboard. it will be update next time the user will open your app

Native Tabs Menu

Add a bottom menu with links to leading pages for users convenience

QRcode And SmartLInk

A QR code that can be printed in publications, and a smart link that will direct customers to download your app in the right store according to their device

Native Member Club Forms

A special form for collecting data from your application users so that you can create a customer club and submit offers, promotions, happy birthday and more personally messages to your client and show them that you think on them

Free Upload To Apple And Google Stores

Quality is important to us, so we create the applications and upload them to your Google and Apple account for you. All you have to do is fill out the details in the accounts and submit for approval

Elementor Widget

elementor widget that will allow you to hide some elements that dont need to appear in the app like : "links to the app stores"

Flaxibillty And RTL Support

The application is suitable for right-to-left and left-to-right languages ​​and in most cases there is an option to customize captions such as the bottom menu and the members club form

Versions Updates

Google and Apple do not stop renewing, so as they renew, they ask to update the applicationss. Our premium customers enjoy full updates and peace of mind

Partners Program

Love our system? We invite you to become our partners and earn money every month

Allow landscape

There are applications that require portrait screen lock and some also require a landscape display. you will be able to determine if to lock portrait or allow auto rotate to landscape

Push Notification History Tab

You can view a Push History tab in the bottom menu so that your customers will never miss a message from you even if they delete or didnt recieved the push notification

Video Full Screen

scale video player to full screen

Pinch Zoom In / Zoom Out

Option to enable pinch zoom in / zoom out for better view

Open Links In Browser

Option to open _Blank links in external browser

Smart Offers To App Users Only

Smart unique link that to apps users only. If the app not installed, The user will be re-direct to the right store to download the app.

Pull to Refresh

pull the screen on your android and ios apps in order to refresh the page

iOS Back Button

back button that can be activated from the app dashboard. Now your customers will be able to navigate your app more easily

iOS Status Bar Color Change

Now you can match the status bar color to the design of your application. You can change the color at any stage in your app dashboard in our system even after the app has been approved in the Apple App Store.

Push Schedule​

Schedule your push notifications