Terms of use and privacy

last updated on 26/4/2018


Any version of these Terms in a language other than English is provided for convenience and You understand and agree that the English language will control if there is any conflict.

WEB2Application.com is a system whose purpose is to turn web sites into applications and to enable the use of advanced features such as push notifications, use of device options like GPS, marketing tools and co…
The user declares that he will not misuse the system and/or will be used the system for the purpose of turning sites that contain pornographic content and/or solicitation into gambling and/or of a violent nature and/or any content that may harm the feelings of the public.

The user understands that if the application that will be created is uploaded to the Web2application account and will violate the laws and regulations of Google or Apple and/or receive a complaint about infringement of one of the stores, The Web2application staff will be entitled to cancel the membership and remove the applications from the stores immediately without any warning, nor will the owner of the application claim for this action.
The use of the Web2application is for the use of the services offered on the site and does not constitute any purchase of copyrights and / or sales rights to third parties and / or any other aspect of the use of the system options as published on the site.
As such, it is agreed that the application code will not be required and will not be given to the customer in any way and There will be no requirement for codes, keys, files, etc.

Unsubscribe – Unsubscribe can be done at any time by canceling the recurring payments to us from your PAYPAL account.
After canceling the subscription, the app will downgrade to a free plan app.
The applications in the stores will continue to work but without premium support according to the terms of free membership and all premium features will be stopped.
It is important to understand that in the establishment and operation of web2application system were invested a lot of resources. Therefore, if the subscription is canceled and google or apple will ask for updates or will be any problem that requires service you will not have any service or support and it will require a subscription to be  renew,  there will be a retroactive payment requirement from the moment of cancellation Subscription until the subscription renewal date.

Push notifications prices – The price of the push notifications is in accordance with the rules and prices of Google and Apple that are published by them and appear in their policies. web2application reserves the right to make changes in the web2app subscribes prices and to update its customers according to the changes in the policies and prices of Google and Apple if any.

Remarks for the free plan – you can ask for APK file only one time. Please check your icon and splash screen in advance. submission time is up to 7 working days.
the free plan has credit to web2application.com
Remarks for IOS version – The IOS version is subject to a payment of at least 6 months. If the payments are canceled before, the app will stop working 

Submit for the stores – As a premium, you can ask submission to your google play and apple developer accounts. We will build the app and upload the apps to your accounts and you will be asked to fill the app details and answer some questions that google and apple ask. It is agreed that Web2Application is not responsible for the approval of the app in the Google and Apple stores, and after uploading the applications to the Developer Accounts by us, the relationship will be between the account owner and Google and Apple. there will be no demand for a refund  because google or apple app decline and the app owner need to solve the issue with google or apple.

Use of Premium Subscription Features – Premium Subscription allows the use of Premium Features  and it is agreed that cancellation will stop the use of such features in the App.
These features include:
1. Option to rotate the screen
2. App native menus
3. Customer Club Data Collection Form – It is agreed that the use of this feature for the purpose of collecting data from the app holders is on the responsibility of the app operator and the users .
The app users agree and declare that they freely submit their details with free will and receive the application usage and term of use.users also declare that they know that they can  delete and edit their details at any time within the app and the details available to the app operator are only the details provided if provided by the user: name, Mail, Phone, Birth.
They also confirm the receipt of promotional messages, updates, etc.
4. Push notifications for browsers
5. Limit the number of push notifications to users
And more premium features.
6. Updates – updates will be available to premium Subscription only. 
and more…

It is also agreed that web2application.com sometimes allows a trial period for some of the features for trial purposes. After the trial period, if the subscription is not upgraded, the premium features will be stoped.

APK and updates – at the free plan we allow asking once for apk from the system. please note that users with a free plan will not get any updates to the apps and don’t have service.

Refund policy – we are selling service and the right to use our system, so there is no refund policy. you can cancel the subscription at any time from your PayPal account. In case that will be a claim from PayPal for a refund the user and app will be blocked and removed from web2application system and the app will stop working. 
If any problem arises, a refund can be requested by writing to the support team of web2application and the request will be examined. If any refund will be done by web2application , it is agreed that the applications and the account will be blocked/deleted from the system and there will be no claim on the part of the customer.

It is agreed that WEB2APPLICATION shall not be liable for malfunctions in the applications and / or the sites of the client and/or 3rd system, whether it is a technical malfunction and / or a problem created by a third party and that it will not be liable for any damage caused directly or indirectly. Use of the Service is at the responsibility of the customer and / or the owner of the application.

By registering to the system, you will receive email notifications about tips, tutorials, etc. from the web2application system, and you can cancel e-mails at any time

For any questions and / or inquiries, please contact the system by email:

[email protected]

Web2Application may change these terms and service policies at any time without prior notice and it is agreed that there will be no claim in case of change of conditions and / or policy and / or service and prices.

Partners / Affiliates Terms & Conditions

  1. Upon submission of the request to become a Partner / Affiliate, we will examine the request and decide whether to approve or not. we do not undertake to make explanations of our decision.
  2. Once the request is approved you will receive a confirmation email and the relevant links will appear in your management interface.
  3. It is agreed that the system will not be abused, the system will not be marketed for the purpose of presenting offensive, sexual content, content that solicits drugs and / or drugs, solicitation of gambling and / or content that may harm the public’s feelings. A breach of this section will constitute a breach of the terms of the contract and will result in termination of the contract.
  4. It is agreed that this engagement does not imply the receipt of copyrights and / or intellectual property rights and / or intellectual property rights in the WEB2APPLICATION system or business and that there shall be no demand beyond commissions which come under this Agreement
  5. It is agreed that WEB2APPLICATION grants the Partner a link that it publishes on various channels and / or on websites and its agreed that WEB2APPLICATION will not have any connection and / or contact and / or liability with respect to the copyright used by the partner, including content and / or images and / or any other intellectual property Which the participant used for the purpose of publishing his partner / Affiliate link.
  6. The cookie that identifies the partner / Affiliat is valid for 90 days assuming that the end-user has not cleared the cookies in the browser and / or has no cookie blocker and / or has not entered through another partner’s / Affiliat link. In no event shall WEB2APPLICATION be responsible for the cookies on the users’ computers
  7. It is agreed that each registered user can open several applications under his or her account, so once a customer arrives through a partner, the user is registered under the partner and any application that opens through that user linked to the partner will be credited to the partner.
  8. Payments. The partner will receive the agreed percentage of any payment actually made by the end customers that belong to him by these terms each month. The withdrawal will be carried out through the management interface according to the conditions presented in the system at the time of the withdrawal of the payment. It is agreed that since paying customers in PAYPAL that allows users to cancel payments it is agreed that WEB2APPLICATION may, at its sole discretion, set a minimum amount that must be kept for security purposes and / or wait with a 30 day payment from the date of payment.
  9. Termination of Contract – Each side may terminate the agreement by 30 days written notice at each stage and it is agreed that a breach of one of the conditions in this agreement will terminate the agreement immediately and unilaterally and that there will be no claim from the partner.
  10. WEB2APPLICATION reserves the right to change the terms of the contract at any time without prior notice and it is agreed that there will be no claim in respect of a change in the service policy or the terms of the contract