Important points when building an app for a business

There is a fundamental difference between a responsive site and an application in google play and the App store.

The main and most fundamental difference is the concept.

A responsive site shows the business, services, and/or products to a surfer who enters the site,

In installing an application from the stores, the user already knows the business and expects to use it rather than advertisements.

Because the app installers already know the business, they want and expects to receive offers, news, updates, etc… from the business so it is much easier to the app owner to convert the user to a paid client since there is already a certain level of trust between the user and the business owner.

It can be said that the application is some kind of “customer club”.
The app owner can contact the users with special offers that will increase sales with push notifications that will “jump” in the user phone.
This type of operation gives value to the app and makes customers keep it on their mobile phones.

To give the app users a different usability experience, you’ll need to make some changes to the site and add app-specific pages that will provide usability rather than advertising content.

For example, a real estate agency’s website, usually the homepage is full of advertisements, marketing offers such as: let’s be real estate agents, etc., and a suggestion to download the app.

In practice, there is no need for advertising content, and there is no need to ask and offer surfers to download the app … In this situation, create another page on the site that contains usability only, such as the search engine of the site and the useful options for the users of the application.

Then, go to your app dashboard and update the URL (recommended to have HTTPS)

Moreover, Google and Apple do not approve advertising applications and disallow applications without user usability.


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