Here’s Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

Mobile apps have become a true phenomenon to companies all over the world. That is the main reason why every business has their own mobile app nowadays.


Whether you are planning a business or you started one already, there are plenty of reasons as to why you should use mobile apps. It’s not just made for big brands like Walmart, Amazon or the Bank of America.


Everyone can have their own app. Regardless if you have a small or a big business, having an app can make things a lot easier for you. Coffee shops, beauty or spa salons, every brand and business has their own app and is able to grow thanks to it.


They can not only help your business grow but flourish and develop in no time. The main focus on this article are some of the reasons as to why you should get your own app when you start your own business:

1. Vision and Visibility

You can easily be visible to all of the customers thanks to an app. The vision makes the brand but so does the visibility. There are statistics that show that an American can spend about 2 hours a day on their mobile device.


If you have an app and you choose the right ways to advertise it, it can easily be viewed by a lot of people just for a day. There are a lot of options to advertise your app, whether it’s a website or another app.


Either way, once you have an app, it would be much easier for the customers to find you and see what you offer. It is a known fact that having an app in the 21st century can lead to a lot more viewers.

2. Direct Marketing

The great thing about apps is that they can provide all sorts of options to customers. They can easily get familiar with the brand and find out more about it.


They can see the variety of prices, the user accounts, the news, the feeds, the booking forms. You name it, it’s there. If you have an app and your brand or business is perfect for them, they could easily end up hitting the push notifications.


Thanks to the push notifications they will not miss anything and that way you will win a loyal customer for your own business.

3. Add Value to Customers

If you want to add some value to the customers and give them a pleasant experience you can easily add some sort of rewards.


Specific rewards or even sales could end up as a benefit to the customer and that way you can add value to the customer’s loyalty.


At the end of the day, the customers are important, especially when you have your own business and rely on others to help you with it. A great example for a service that lets people create their own loyalty programs based on smartphone is PunchMe, which could give you a few ideas on how to add more value to your customers.

4. Focus on Recognition

benefits of mobile apps

The mobile app can easily spark brand awareness. Take it as a blank billboard sign. It gives you all the exposure you need to grow your business.


In fact, it’s even more successful because there are millions of people over the internet who can easily see your app unlike the billboard which could be seen only in the city.


You can design your app the way you want to. You can spark the interest of millions of people, especially those who might be fan of the sphere or field that your business is associated with.


And the more people recognise the app, the more they will help your brand on the market. Sometimes, it can be hard to stand out, but as long as you have loyal customers who give you the recognition, it can be a lot easier.

5. Engage with Customers

Through the app, you can easily engage with all of your customers, regardless of their location. Having a messaging service can really ease it up. Not only you can receive feedback but you can also receive all sorts of messages about concerns and questions from your customers.


With the messaging tool you can easily interact with your customers and save them some valuable time. A perfect example is the OpenTable which allows customers to book a reservation without calling. Most people prefer to just click five times and book a table instead of calling because it’s a lot faster and a lot easier. Just think about all the good opportunities. That could easily help your brand as well.

6. Be Different

Instead of looking at what other businesses have done, try something unique. Add a feature that can make your app stand out. Create a design that’s unique and not a copy paste of another brand.


There are a lot of ways to be different, especially on the market. You can easily end up being the only business in the neighbourhood with its own mobile app. That’s more than enough to be different and successful.


There are a lot more reasons as to why you should try and create your own mobile app for your business. Many brands that got their own mobile apps were able to get a lot more traffic to their websites and that also helped them with sales and the brand’s success in general. Instead of wondering what your next step should be, get your own mobile app and find ways to advertise it. There are plenty of social media platforms that you can used as ways to advertise it.


In conclusion, having your own mobile app can easily help you and your business. Whether you are running a coffee shop, a bakery or even a flower shop, mobile app can help you in so many ways. Not only you can get new but you can also get loyal customers that will support you. Think about all the benefits of having a mobile app and how that could easily help your business grow. With a software like that, you are bound to succeed and have a successful business.

7. Get a Mobile App for Free!

In the past, it use to take thousands of dollars and months of development to create an Android and IOS app to your business, but no more!

With Web2application you can convert your existing website to an app instantly and start sending push and web notifications to your users, drive more sales and provide your customers with better user experience. 

And the best part, it’s free!

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