How to turn your WordPress site into a free android native application?

Do you have a WordPress site?
Now you can turn it into an android native application in 5-minute for free!

How does It work?

It’s quite simple, we take you your responsive site that fits mobile browsers and put it into a native application. The combination allows enriching the site with the capabilities of the phone such as Push messages with deep linking that will open the content you want in your application by click on them, etc. …

In addition, because the applications are native applications that wrote independently in the official languages, java for Android and Swift for iOS, they can be extended with special development for your needs, such as using GPS, access to contacts, and enjoying all the capabilities of mobile applications even that we show your mobile-friendly WordPress site.

How do I send Push messages to users who downloaded the app?
Push notifications can be sent via your Admin interface or directly from your WordPress site. In order to send directly from your WordPress site to the applications, you need to install our plug-in “web2application” from the  plug-in directory and then you can send the messages together with pictures from the media library on the site and associate the post message to a specific page or post on the site

How the apps can be uploaded to Google Play and App Store?
We provide full service when you turn your mobile site to an application, all you need to do is to fill up a submission form and we will open the application in the stores and will submit the app for you.
You will even get a special link and QR-code that will take the users to the right store to download your app.

Now its time to turn your mobile site into an android application for Free!
Click here to start 


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