how to open google play developer account ?

In order to upload an application and publish it on Google Play for Android users to download your application, you need a Google Play developer account.

The process of opening a Google Account is fairly easy and costs only $ 25, a one-time payment to Google.

Here’s how to open your own Google Play Developer account,

Step 1:

Log in to your email account and go to:

You’ll get to this screen:


On the bottom left you have to indicate that you have read the rules, it is recommended to read the rules and understand what allows and what is forbidden otherwise you can make mistakes bypassing the rules of Google and then your account attitude.
Once you’ve read, continue to the payment stage by clicking CONTINUE TO PAYMENT

Step 2 – Payment for the account

Enter credit card information (need international card) and press PAY

Once the payment is successful, you will receive a message that the payment has been successfully completed, an e-mail receipt, and then click CONTINUE REGISTRATION

Step 3 and Last – Enter your developer account information

Once you have entered the details and confirmed you will arrive to the main screen from which you can upload your new application

After having an account,
You can send us your account access information so we can set up everything and upload the app or give us developer account permission by clicking setting ,and then users users & permissions


A user allocation window opens,

In the email enter [email protected]

And in the role that the release manager will be written in order to have a management privilege


Last Step

In order to enable push notification for you, we need access to Google FireBase,
please follow this link

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