Most likely you are visiting this page because you want to set up an app for your business and look for an app builder?
Also, we assume that you have already searched the internet for app builders and researched quite a bit 🙂

There are many systems around the internet for building apps, better and less good but they are all a reality for anyone to set up an app easily with the tools and functions they offer.

The problem starts with choosing which system is best for you?
Which of the systems offer the functions you need?
How do you manage the application, control it and how long will it take to manage it?
Who uploads the apps to the stores and messes with Google and Apple to get them approved?
What happens when you want to make changes?
And these are just some of the questions that arise when setting up an app …

If you ask me? I’m pointing to your site – the best app builder ever!

After all, you have built a website for your business, you have already chosen a system, you have defined the functions, you have entered the content to your website, you manage the website and orders (if it is a virtual store) and everything already exists, so why complicate things and waste time and money??

Our app builder does exactly the most efficient and cost-effective operation for you.
We take your site, wrap it in Google and Apple codes, add push notifications, a tab bar for easy navigation, and improve the UX, and other functions that will make your user UX better.

From your side, using our app builder allows you to:
1. Build a members club – after all, everyone who downloads the app automatically becomes a club member in your business.
2. Activate and motivate customers and users to take action with push notifications directly to their phones.
3. Since we have turned your site into an app, there is no need for special management, everything that is updated on the site is updated in the apps and every order made in the apps appears in the site’s management interface.
4. App design – You can create special pages for the app on the site and design them with the tools you know and are used to such as ELEMENTOR, BAKERY, etc. Then display these pages in the app in our tab bar or navigation that you can build in your app.
The app does not have to look like the site and everything is under your control!
5. Costs – Cheap costs and our team support all the way.
6. No technical knowledge required – you can choose whether you want to do things independently with our support until the moment we upload the apps to your developer accounts. Or choose the full-service package and then we will do the whole process for you from the beginning and then for the approval of the applications in Google and Apple.
7. Uploading to the app stores – Google and Apple require that apps be uploaded to the developer accounts of the app owners. With the help of our application builder, we upload the applications to your developer accounts for you within 24-48 hours from the moment of the transmission request in the system.

Now all that is left is to choose the package that suits you